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Impressions of Beijing

March 6, 2009
  • Grey. Air-pollution, anti-trendy (“proletariat”) clothing, monolithic cement buildings.
  • Beautiful. The ancient temples and dynastic grounds are magnificent.
  • Indifferent. It reminds me more of New York than Seoul.
  • Uncommercial (relative to Korea and the West). But, does it count when it’s a product of tyranny?
  • Stories. Lots and lots of stories in the faces of the old.
  • Libertarian. The free-market distribution of smoking and non-smoking bars is accepted as a just distribution. They’re not Communist like America.
  • OK, not really. Amusing (sadly so) factoid: The Lonely Planet guides for China are banned because China and Taiwan are different colors on the map.



Forbidden Palace



Women dancing outside the Temple of Heaven



Temple of Heaven