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May 5, 2007

…tends to be excessively poppy. It also tends to imitate Western styles, which isn’t very interesting for me (a Westerner). However, that doesn’t stop it from being fun at times. There is a Web site with many streams of older Korean rock. The stuff from the 60’s is often really good. Here is a song by a woman named Yun Sin-ae that I like. She has a great guttural growl. My Korean co-teacher says she single-handedly popularized the mini-skirt in South Korea. That makes her one of the major cultural influences of the society–Korean women wear mini-skirts in the dead of winter. And given how conservative Korea is in general, I can imagine there was a lot of attitude about a woman going mini in 70’s Korean society.
You can explore the site more by clicking on the calendar. There is some fun music in there.

Here’s a punkish video. I like the music and the video:

Here’s a another rock video. I like the video more than the music.