My first take on blogs was that they are dumb. What’s the point? Vanity publishing for all, well there’s a social revolution the world needs. A few years later, my opinion hadn’t changed. There had to be some kind of conceit behind blogging.

So here I am, attempting to blog. Is it a conceit? Probably. So? The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, and I’ve never seen anything so conceited. My blog is like the Taj without the admission fee. Lucky you.

Why blog? Why journal for a public audience? Partly, because self-expression is fun. Partly, because it is a way of keeping friends and family (our fans!) up to date.

Does it matter if anybody reads my blog? Is that like asking about the sound of a tree falling when nobody can hear? The falling matters to the tree. Maybe it would want someone to notice.


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